About AwesomeTechStack

Founded in 2019, AwesomeTechStack analyzes websites. We are capable of identifiying 1153 different web technologies on any website or web-app. We help to make websites ready for the future.

AwesomeTechStack identifies software using unique patterns found in website source code, response headers, script variables and several other methods identifying technologies on websites. Chechout all technologies

Our main goal is to inform and empower businesses and software developers who want to improve their websites and make their UX and security the best it can be. With AwesomeTechStack's guidance, you can improve your website's technology stack which has an impact on search engine rankings as well. Google values the saying "Content is King - Code is Queen".

The technology stack which is used by a website and the correct implementation is playing a big role in search engine optimization. The "Crawlbot" wants a website to be good, fast and structured, for good crawlability. Technical requirements, website loading speed, broken URLs, technical awards, and source code is important for your SEO rankings.

After making changes to your website, you can reanalyze your website to see how your changes impact your tech stack ranking.

If you want to know how AwesomeTechStack works, please check our documentation site.

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