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Learn how the AwesomeTechStack website analyzer is working and how AwesomeTechStack is providing insights into the security, modernity, and performance of any website's technology stack and guidance to improve core web vital and technlogy stack awesomeness.

Why AwesomeTechStack?

We built this website technology stack lookup and analyzer, to help you analyze your website's technology stack awesomeness.

The websites' analysis is designed to help making your site faster, more secure and scale with the future by identifying what about a technology stack is fast, slow, too old, not maintained etc.

We worked hard to make this tool useful both for experts and novices alike. This tool can also be used for market and competitor comparison and can help you build a better website.

Search engines like Google, wants a website to be fast, secure and well structured, for good crawlability. AwesomeTechStack is the tool providing all the information about tech trends, web technologies and technology awesomeness from real market data. The feedback we are getting gives us the confidence to tell, that we are working as one of the best and most accurate web technology stack analyzer on the market.

The "Awesomeness" Rating

Your website's tech stack's awesomeness-score will be calculated automatically on our servers, based on 3 key metrics for technologies:

Technology pulse, security, maintenance etc.

Fetched from community platforms and open source datasets like GitHub, npm, social media channels, trend API's, jsdeliver


Cutting edge technologies are benefical for your web performance and user experience.

Website quality insights

Performance, Accessibility, Best practices, SEO, PWA scores, in cooperation with Lighthouse

Open source datasets and community channels are good parameters to get insights into trending technologies. This information will be updated every day for every technology fully automatic on our servers.

We corporate with community platforms like GitHub and npm and trend analyzers to get accurate insights into technology's usage, reputation, security, stability, and performance. Therefore we gather data from GitHub, npm, yarn, etc. to calculate a score for your tech stack. Our 3s most important key metrics are weighted to an average score, representing the awesomeness of a website's tech stack.

The score will be presented with the following score legend:

Awesomeness scale:

What Technologies are impacting my score the most

Technologies are sorted by their impact level to the score. Make sure you improve your website's tech stack, using the latest version and security patches from our diagnostics, to get a better-ranked score on AwesomeTechStack.

To further improve your score. Make sure you are using a good JavaScript-Library on top of your website's tech stack to ship high-end performance, security and UX to your users.

How it works

Your website's awesomeness will be presented by a score from 0-100, calculated automatically on our servers, based on 3 key metrics defining awesome technologies and core web vitals.


Run tests on your site

Enter your site's URL to check which technologies you are using. Check how well your tech stack performs across all audits.


Awesomeness Score

The score represents your tech stack performance. Check what matters to you; security, performance or state-of-the-artness?



Use our guidance to improve your current tech stack or check our top tech stack websites for technologies which perform the best.

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