Website Tech Stack Analysis

Get insights about state-of-the-arts, up-to-dateness and secureness of any website's technology stack. Web technology analysis with guidance from AwesomeTechStack.
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We built this Website Technology Analyzer to help you analyze your website's technology stack awesomeness.

Free technology lookup and analysis for all websites and web-apps

Real-time analysis using cutting edge technology

Fresh and accurate datasets (updated: Sep 21, 2020 11:58 PM)

Improve your SEO and website speed

How It Works

Your website's awesome-score will be calculated automatically on our servers, based on 3 key metrics defining awesome technologies.


Run tests on your site

Enter your site's URL to see which technologies you are using. Check how well your tech stack performs across all audits.


Awesomeness Score

The score represents your tech stack performance. Check what matters to you; security, performance or state-of-the-artness?



Use our guidance to improve your current tech stack or check our top tech stack websites for technologies which perform the best.